Hair Loss In Young Men

How common is hair loss in young men?

For many people, thinning hair and getting older go hand-in-hand. 

Which is strange, really. Just like drinking in parks and avoiding PE lessons, hair loss can make its mark during those tricky teenage years and is even more likely to appear during young adulthood. In fact, more young men than ever before are experiencing hair loss and seeking out clinically-proven treatments like Finasteride and Minoxidil to counter it.

Studies have indicated that about 16% of boys aged 15-17 have started to develop male pattern baldness. By the time you reach 20 you’ve got a 20% chance of a thinning scalp, which jumps up to 30% by 30.

And there’s evidence to suggest that hair loss in younger men is more likely now than ever before. A recent study of 10,000 men found that male pattern baldness is more common now than in any other generation before them. A survey of men in China in their 20s found similar results.

So, if you start going bald in your younger years, far from being the odd-one-out you’re part of a growing demographic. The good news is, thanks to our expert-led hair service finding a solution has never been easier.

What are the causes of hair loss in young men?

Given the rise of hair loss among millennials, some research has questioned whether the stresses of modern life could be playing a role. In 2017 the American Psychology Association reported that millennials were the most stressed generation alive, working longer hours for less money and struggling to maintain a work-life balance. When the body is stressed, your hair follicles can be pushed into a state of rest, meaning they stop making hair. Some people think this could explain why more young people than ever report losing their hair.

Vitamin deficiency can also play a role in hair loss. Some decidedly stuck-in-their-ways newspapers have taken this to mean “going vegan turns you bald”, blaming a rise in hair loss with the popularity of oat milk. Well, no. Going vegan will not turn you bald. But a bad diet might contribute! So if “going vegan” means only eating chips then you might not be getting all the iron and zinc your hair needs to be healthy.

There are many other potential causes for early-onset baldness. Hormonal imbalances, autoimmune diseases like lupus, and thyroid disorders, are some of the outlier conditions that can cause hair loss in young men. Yet, while a stressful job or too many chips might play part, the biggest cause of hair loss is plain and simple Male Pattern Baldness (MBP) – the most likely reason for thinning scalps in men from 17 to 70. 

MPB is caused by a hormone called DHT, which the body increases production of during puberty. In some men, DHT has the effect of weakening their hair follicles leading to a gradual thinning of hair. This is far and away the most common cause of hair loss in men of any age, explaining baldness in 95% of men, but luckily it’s a cause you can do something about.

What can I do?

Going bald can be difficult at any age, but especially if it happens when you’re younger. Fortunately our hair service is run by a team of expert consultants, who are on hand to talk you through what is happening and what you can do in response. 

At the top of our list of treatments is Finasteride – first introduced to the UK in pill form in 2002 – it’s one of the most effective hair loss treatments on the market. Finasteride blocks the conversion of testosterone into DHT, lessening its impact on the follicles. Studies have shown that a massive 90% of men find it helps them either to grow more hair, or to stop losing it as quickly.

Our treatments also use Minoxidil – a medication at its most effective when sprayed onto the scalp – which works by increasing blood flow to the hair follicles and stimulating hair growth. Studies show it can improve hair growth in two thirds of men. Finally, there’s our Power Shampoo, which is packed with hair-raising ingredients like caffeine, biotin and saw palmetto. 

Granted: nobody expects to start losing their hair before their 30th birthday. But the great thing about noticing hair loss at a younger age is that you’ve got a head start on countering its effects. And with our clinically proven hair loss plans you can do just that.

For more information about our hair-saving products, have a look at our personalised plans starting at just £18 per month.