Erectile Dysfunction, From A Woman’s Perspective

One woman recounts her experience of ED and how Sildenafil saved her relationship

Tall? Check. Handsome? Double check. Amazing chemistry? Hell yeah! 

Did that chemistry lead to even better sex? That’s a hard ‘no’. At least for the first couple of times. 

While 34-year-old Ali had it all – he was kind, smart and didn’t have an Instagram account littered with selfies – something vital was missing. That something was, wait for it, an erection.

Little did we know Sildenafil – aka Viagra – would be the saviour of our budding romance.

The first time it happened… 

After date three, I was pretty damn excited to have sex with this rather excellent guy. I waxed and lotioned until my legs looked like two baby dolphins and my hair was big, beautiful and full of secrets. I felt great. All I needed was a wind-blowing machine and some Biggie in the background and this was going to be a night of epic proportions. 

We got back to his place and he had zero housemates, perfect for making out on the couch – to Biggie, of course. 

After I demanded Alexa play ‘Juicy’, we transitioned from couch to bedroom. We continued to make out and tease each other, but as I made my way down south… nothing. No one was home. 

My mind spiralled into a bottomless pit of self-doubt. Was Ali not into baby dolphin legs? Do I need to go to the gym more? Was the naked granny joke I told over dinner done in poor taste? 

Sensing a hint of disappointment and sadness, Ali said to me, “So, I’ve been under a ton of stress at work and I can’t, for the life of me, get hard.” This was the first time a guy had been so up front about it and it was incredibly refreshing.  

After he said that, a wave of relief and understanding hit me. The rest of the evening was filled with Colombian crime dramas, pizza, laughs and snuggling.

And it wasn’t the first time…

This sort of thing had happened to me in previous relationships and while I never thought it was a big deal, the guy I’d be with would think it was the end of the world. In one long term relationship, my then boyfriend would be so exhausted from his nine-to-five, our sex life was as non-existent as the amount of body hair featured in Love Island. There was a huge elephant in the bedroom and he just didn’t want to confront the issue due to shame, which ultimately led to the demise of our relationship. 

For me, ED wasn’t a huge issue nor was it this weird, tropical disease. It was the not talking about it, the shame and lack of proactivity – that was the big deal.

Then came Sildenafil

Admitting that you need a little help isn’t easy and certainly takes courage, but it did our relationship a world of good in the long run. After weeks of seeing each other, Ali and I decided to explore solutions for ED together. A Swedish penis pump wasn’t on the cards, so we looked into Sildenafil and found Manual. Honestly, I was happy he was taking ownership of his health and I was really excited to get even closer to Ali. Everything we read online said Sildenafil was safe and could only improve sex, so why the hell wouldn’t we take it?! Game. On. 

We also found out just how common ED is in younger men and it can be related to everything from stress to anxiety to fatigue or even taking a particular type of medication. 

After we decided to take Sildenafil, that chemistry we felt between us came to sexual fruition. Taking Sildenafil allowed Ali and me to be intimate and, most importantly, we crossed a hurdle in our relationship together with a little help from our little blue friend Sildenafil

There’s no need to worry, just a little blue pill every now and again and we’re able to carry on living our best love life.