Celebs Who Allegedly Use Hair Loss Treatments

We might not like to admit it, but celebrity endorsements can make all the difference.

Who among us can honestly say David Beckham never inspired a childhood haircut, or that Kanye West didn’t nudge them into an oversized hoodie in their younger years? As much as we like to think of ourselves as unique and unimpressionable, we’re all susceptible to a bit of influence from time to time.

It’s also a question of trust. When we hear that a famous person we admire uses a certain brand of toothpaste, we’re likely to think: well if it’s good enough for them, it’s good enough for me! This is definitely the case when it comes to hair loss. With so many competing treatments on the market, a high-profile recommendation can give us the confidence we need to take the next step.

At Manual, we offer hair loss solutions based on hard medical science. At the centre of our treatment plans is Finasteride – an FDA-approved pill that was introduced to the UK in 2002. Finasteride works to block the hormone that causes hair loss in 95% of cases, and is very effective at doing so. And the sooner you start using it, the more of your hair you’re likely to save. 

That said, we understand you might not want to just take it from us. So we’ve compiled a low-down of some celebs who’ve allegedly used Finasteride over the years to improve their locks.

Bradley Cooper

In 2014, sources reported that Bradley Cooper was using Propecia to slow the hair loss he was experiencing. Propecia is a brand of Finasteride, no different to the pill we offer as part of our hair service. Considering the shoulder length barnet he was rocking in A Star is Born, it’s safe to say it worked a treat.

Safe to say Bradley Cooper falls comfortably into the category of: “the guy she told you not to worry about”. So it’s reassuring to know that he’s had his own battles with hair loss. Not that it’s a surprise. It can be hard enough to deal with small social occasions when you start losing your hair; try walking up and down red carpets for a living.

LeBron James

Also in 2014, basketball icon LeBron James’ scalp began to enjoy something of a revival. His receding hairline had been the subject of jokes between him and other NBA players for a while, so when his follicles appeared to be kicking back into action speculation abounded as to what treatment he’d received, with many pointing the finger at Finasteride.

Either way, it seems his dreams really did come true.

Ashton Kutcher

We don’t talk enough about the onset of hair loss among young men, which is why we were particularly impressed when Ashton Kutcher confessed to having started taking Finasteride at the age of 25. In a conversation with actor Dax Shepherd, Kutcher opened up about how much his hair loss had concerned him in his mid-twenties, and the steps he’d taken to counter it.

While he claims to have since stopped using Finasteride, the now 42-year-old actor still has an impressive head of hair, leading some to speculate he may have switched to another treatment like Minoxidil – a spray, which is also part of our hair loss service.

Donald Trump

Okay, look. We weighed up whether or not to tell you this, but in the end we decided that whatever your opinion of the 45th President of the United States, we can all surely agree that for a man in his 70s he has a remarkably full head of hair. And this reason for this, it would seem, is Finasteride

In 2017 Trump’s long-time physician, Dr. Harold N. Bornstein claimed that the president regularly took the drug to promote hair growth. Dr Bornstein went even further claiming that he also took the drug, crediting it for maintaining his shoulder-length hair. As endorsements go, they don’t come from higher offices than that.

Countless others…

You need only consider the never-ending list of famous men whose hair growth has miraculously improved as they’ve gotten older, to get a feel for how prolific hair loss treatments are among the rich and famous. Given Finasteride is proven to work in 9 out of 10 men – and unlike a hair transplant there’s no potential for scarring – it’s safe to assume there are plenty of high-profile users we don’t know about.

Not that it should matter either way. We’re firm believers that treating hair loss is all about the individual. That’s why we offer a range of treatment plans to suit different experiences and offer ongoing support for as long as you’re taking it. We can’t promise you’ll come out looking like LeBron or Brad, but we can guarantee tried-and-tested treatments tailored for you.

For more information about our hair-saving products, have a look at our personalised plans starting at just £18 per month.