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Are you a Health Rebel?

In a society where 60% of men won’t even visit a doctor until it’s life threatening, talking openly about your health, as a man, is a rebellious act.

Our health rebels are made up of psychologists, personal trainers, nutritionists, mental health activists and men actively changing to a healthier lifestyle.

Manual health rebels create content to share with our community that encourages, educates and inspires other men to open up and talk about their health. 

Why should you become a Manual Health Rebel?

If you have a drive to normalise the conversation around Men’s Health and you want to create inspiring content in the form of videos, images or articles, we want to have you as part of the team.

There’s limitless potential with this programme to create as much, or as little as you want. We are a brand that celebrates men who share the same mission as us, so for all the energy we ask from you, we return it. We’ll never whitelabel your content, and always encourage our audience to follow your ventures as well.

Manual Ambassadors FAQ

Do I get paid for being a Manual Ambassador?

Yes, you’ll be paid per each content item you create. Once you sign up, you’ll have a monthly content consultation with our ambassador programme manager, and agree on the content you’ll create for the month.

Do you need to be an influencer to be a Manual Ambassador?
How much time will be required of me as a Manual Ambassador?

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