Alcohol, Stress and the Little Blue Pill

Contrary to popular belief, Viagra – and its unbranded, more cost effective twin Sildenafil – are not just used by 70 year old men who are past their sexual peaks. Viagra (AKA Sildenafil) can also be prescribed to men where stress and anxiety have had notable effects on their ability to “get it up”. Stress can lead to alcohol, alcohol can lead to stress and the cycle continues. Sildenafil can be there to help, but first, let’s take a look at just what’s going on.

Work. Drink. Repeat.

For many proud Brits, the following occasions warrant a drink: birthdays, Christmas, sport (watching or playing), entering an airport terminal, a train journey that lasts more than ten minutes, 5pm on a Tuesday.

Not to make too wild an assertion, but our love of alcohol may have something to do with our equally strong relationship with work. According to the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD), one in three UK workers feel their workload is too large, with almost a quarter viewing their job as intense, stressful and exhausting. Alcohol offers a way to relieve this stress or, perhaps more accurately, placate it temporarily.

As you probably know, using booze to combat the ceaseless pressures of real life will ultimately make you feel worse. Not to pour vodka on the open wound, but alcohol and stress are also terrible for your erection. Before we reach for the Sildenafil, let’s refresh ourselves on how erections function.

Erections 101

When you’re aroused, whether through mental or physical stimulation, the blood vessels of the penis relax and open up. Blood flows in and gets trapped under the pressure, creating and maintaining an erection. Joy. This is why erectile dysfunction (ED) treatments like Sildenafil (famously marketed as Viagra) are so effective, as it triggers the biochemical mechanism that causes blood to flow into the penis.

Stress ≠ Erection

Stress, for all the hate we just levelled against it, is actually a natural and necessary human function. It gets us out of danger, spikes adrenaline when we need it, clears the mind and triggers our ‘fight or flight’ response. Stress can save your life.

But stress is different today than it was in the past. Rather than helping us escape the imminent threats our ancestors faced—saber tooth tigers, club-wielding neanderthals—and then subsiding, it sticks around; prickling us as we attempt to deal with the constant pressures of work and relationships.

Stress releases adrenaline, and a steady stream of adrenaline wears your body down. Over time, constant stress can damage your blood vessels. Erections, as noted above, depend on adequate blood flow, so if your vessels have been pummeled by 70 hour work weeks, you might struggle to get it up, or worse.

Unfortunately, many of us tolerate stress by drowning it in pints, ushering in a two-punch erection killing combo. Alcohol is a depressant. As you drink, your nervous, circulatory and respiratory systems slow down. Which is bad, because the ability to feel stuff and push blood around your body are important aspects of getting an erection. Alcohol also dehydrates, inhibiting blood and oxygen flow. This all explains why the term “brewer’s droop” exists.

To wrap this all up in a sentence: if you’re regularly stressed and your coping mechanism is alcohol, you may experience erection difficulties.

ED ≠ The End of Your Sex Life

Stressed out now? Don’t be. ED does not equal the end of your sex life. If you encounter occasional problems with getting it up, the solution might be to drink less. If your erection difficulties are more persistent, and going sober hasn’t made a difference, there’s no shame in seeking a medical solution like Sildenafil.

Sildenafil is the active ingredient in Viagra. In fact, it is the same drug as Viagra, minus the famous brand name. It’s safe, effective, and we’re offering treatments that start as low as £15 per month.

If your job is grinding you down and affecting your performance in bed, don’t hesitate to take the steps necessary to save your erection.

That could mean drinking less or managing your workload. But if neither of those do the trick, don’t be afraid to try a Little Blue Pill that’s helped over 60 million men conquer ED.