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The first results became visible after as little as three months, and now, after seven months I’ve started my conditions are keepers my improving. My hair loss has almost stopped, the existing hair are now thicker than ever.

Alessandro. Trustpilot

I have been using for 3 months and can see my hair thickening. Very gradual process but worth it. I have the spray and oral supplement

Alessandro. Trustpilot

I was skeptical at first but felt I had nothing to lose. I think it’s been about 4 months in now and 100% definitely have way more volume.

Alessandro. Trustpilot

The pills work very well on my hair, I noticed plenty of baby hair growing just after 2 weeks I started taking it. I will continue and hope to get even better result. I’m loving it

Alessandro. Trustpilot

The Complete Hair Loss Kit

The most complete solution available for hair regrowth. Maximise your success by combining all the treatments.

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The most effective oral treatment for receding hairlines and balding crowns. Just one pill a day.

Best for receding hairlines
Works for 9/10 Men


The most powerful spray for direct treatment to the scalp. Just two spray applications a day.

Targets hair follicles – promotes growth
Best for thinning at the crown

Power shampoo

We’ve built a man-friendly shampoo, backed by science. With hand-picked ingredients that stimulate and revive hair follicles. That actually work.

Saw Palmetto

Hair gummies

Two Gummies per day for thicker, fuller hair. With selenium and zinc. Backed by science. Deliciously good.

These are the most effective, science-backed treatments for hair loss
Dr. Earim Chaudry, Medical Director

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Earim Chaudry, MD
Medical Director
GMC Ref. 6149111
Ryan Benbow
Pharmacist, Ind. Prescriber
GMC Ref. 6149111
Noor Alsati
Pharmacist, Ind. Prescriber
GMC Ref. 6149111
Soheb Ganchi
Pharmacist, Ind. Prescriber
GMC Ref. 6149111
5 months

Luke’s story

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Luke, 21, first experienced hair loss at 14. He sought help from his GP but felt he wasn’t taken seriously: “if you’re going to go bald…you’re going to go bald” was the general gist. Then he came across Manual and realised that there was help out there.

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Results in 5 months
Luke did some research and gave us a go. After 5 months he saw fantastic results.