Why Alcohol May Be Killing Your Sex Life

Once thought to be an aphrodisiac, research shows that alcohol may actually be harming your sex life.

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Erections: What’s Testosterone Got To Do With It?

Things are looking up. We look at the link between testosterone levels and erectile dysfunction.

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Can Stress Lead to Hair Loss?

Thick, windswept hair calls for a new approach to managing stress.

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7 Vitamins and Nutrients To Slow Down Hair Loss

Because getting more on top could be simply a matter of taking charge of your diet.

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Hormones, Baldness and DHT

Notice your hair is thinning? Bald patch growing bigger? Your hormones could be to blame.

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Why So Serious? Looking After Yourself Can be Fun

What does wellness mean? Does “feeling well” even cut it? Or is it more of a combination of being happy mentally, physically and happy with our relationships?

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Tech a Break; Here’s Why You Need That Digital Detox

It doesn’t sound like much, just 48 hours away from technology – but I didn’t manage it.

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Whatever You Do, Don’t Google Your Symptoms

While there are some websites that carry reliable information such as NHS Inform, there are also plenty that don’t, and when Googling your symptoms, all roads seem to lead to cancer.

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